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Basic Training

Five basic commands that are useful for your dog to know are; sit, down, stay, come and walking nicely on the lead.

1) Have your dog standing in front of you. 2) Show him that you have a food treat in your hand. 3) Slowly move your hand and treat above and over his head towards his tail, as you give the command "sit".

Advanced Training

Most people train their dogs to sit and shake-a-paw.  But advanced dog training, that's another thing entirely. Only the most dedicated dog owners will take it further than basic obedience, which is really rather sad! We make sure that our kids get the best education possible, starting with Kindergarten and ending with college, university, or an apprenticeship before heading into the workforce. We teach them manners, and even how to behave appropriately in social settings.  Why not the same for our dogs?

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